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  March 15, 2003


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Saturday, March 15, 2003


The days are speeding by in a flash. For me, inactivity breeds depression so Iíve been trying to keep busy with projects that hopefully have some redeeming qualities. Catherine and I donít have children so that gives me the time to be on the lookout for volunteer opportunities. I guess I sound a little like a ďPollyannaĒ though in reality Iím a total misanthrope. My father likes to say that ďpeople are no damn goodĒ and in many ways, Iíve adopted his philosophy. For one thing, being a skeptical malcontent is really easy. My philosophy is reinforced everywhere I look. (Oh rob, just drop it!)

I volunteered to set up a website for a new non-profit organization in the San Diego East County and Iíve been fooling around with that this week. Iím just afraid I may be spreading myself too thin what with the Town Hall newsletter and some other websites I maintain. Anyhow, I enjoy building websites and once theyíre set up they usually donít require much maintenance. The new organization is called Back Country Support Services and they have lofty ambitions about providing social assistance programs for the area. Naturally Iím skeptical and I keep expecting to uncover some sort of charity fund raising scam. For now though, everything looks legitimate

Mailbox Pollution

It's a cloudy day in Southern California. The creeks have already dried up since last weeks rain but we're hoping for more tonight. We still haven't gotten any real snow at our elevation yet.



December 13, 1966 - Tuesday

Today I finally played basketball and although I still flubbed up, there was another guy almost as bad as me. Anyway, only three more days till Christmas vacation.

Tomorrow is my birthday and Iíll be seventeen. Sixteen to me is the perfect age. You can still act like a kid but youíre also more grown up. Now that Iím seventeen Iíll have to start acting my age.

Iíve been working on my penmanship lately but instead of improving it seems to be getting worse. Its gotten to the point where Iím ashamed to show my writing to anybody.

December 16, 1966 Ė Friday

I did get something for my birthday after all. A new pipe and a Peanuts book. Actually I donít think thereís anything left to get me for Christmas.

Grandma came in last night and I must say she certainly looks well. The airport was fogged in so her plane had to land in Los Angelis. This meant a two hour bus trip to us. This was really bad on her due to her age and bad leg. She got in at twelve last night.

Today is the first day of vacation. I got all my homework done so I can enjoy the next two weeks. Iím just going to forget about school and concentrate on having fun.

Barry and I pulled our money together today plus some of mothers and got a stereo record player. Itís amazing how much better music sounds in stereo. We only have about four records but our collection should start to grow soon.

Next week is Civil Air Patrol but due to the Christmas holidays it should be somewhat different. I donít look forward to it much. Last week one of the officers decided he didnít like the length of Bill Bowenís hair. He ridiculed him and had one of the girls comb his hair for him in front of everybody. I thought I was going to be getting flying lessons not boot camp. They have us marching all over the place, saluting and standing at attention. Theyíre always talking about how important the war is and how they donít want us to turn out to be a bunch of hippies. Bill was really humiliated and Iíll be surprised if he comes back.


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