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  March 8, 2003


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Saturday -  March 8, 2003

Vana & Friends

The past few weeks have been really quiet at work. Projects have come up but theyíve been perfectly spaced  thus avoiding the panic that occurs when jobs overlap. Because of the state budget crisis we've had some talk of cutbacks though; with 23 years of seniority, Iím pretty comfortable in my position.

Rather than being purely an academic enterprise, San Diego State is seriously involved in big business. Actually, the recent construction on campus has had nothing to do with traditional education. Theyíve built a sports arena for rock concerts, a baseball stadium for Tony Gwynn, several parking structures, two fitness centers and an underground trolley system. Kids are lined up outside classrooms trying to crash classes but there are plenty of tickets available for the upcoming Jewel concert.

On Thursday, the "Wheel of Fortune" stopped by and disrupted a big portion of the campus so they could do a special broadcast from the main mall. Some universities are involved with thoughtful discussions about the possibility of war but SDSU has Vana White spinning the wheel and blocking campus traffic for hours.

Vana & friends set up on campus


December 7, 1966

For the last few weeks Iíve really been worried. Iím just too darn sensitive for my own good. As I said, Iím crumby at basketball but the thing that made it worse was the fact that the day we chose teams, I was one of the guys who didnít want to play. The coach said we could do exercises in another part of the gym but somehow the other kids changed their minds and I was left being the only one not on a team. This isnít so bad when we play inside because Iíll have other things to do but every other week we play outside and Iím forced to play ball. The only way I get on a team is if someone is absent and then I get the idea that the guys would rather go without the replacement. I know this must sound like an awfully small problem but it has me feeling awfully left out.

Iím so sensitive that the smallest problems upset me. Other people have problems but they donít let them bother them. Whenever I get a problem I canít stop worrying about it until itís solved. Iíve got to learn to face problems but I also have to learn to keep them from dominating my thoughts. I canít go through life worrying about every minor incident.

Today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor but there hasnít been much mention of it. We even forgot to put up our flag.

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