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  March 16, 2003


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Sunday -  March 16, 2003

Mail Merge

Rocky Road ice cream, chili and an apple fritter have been my meals for today. I wonder why Iím feeling crabby.

Spent most of the day trying to get Microsoft Word and Access to cooperate and do a ďmail mergeĒ. All I want is for it to sort my mailing list alphabetically. We only have 200 people on the list and this has got be a small number compared to how most companies use these programs. It must work for them but for me, the program prints the names in a different order every time I run it. Itís not a big deal but Jerry Barber, the tall beardless Town Hall president, would like the labels printed in alphabetical order.

I figured it must be a bug in my programs so I went to the Microsoft web site to download any available patches. Sure enough, I was running an original version of Office 2002 and several service packs were available. By the way, have I ever mentioned that I live out in the sticks with only a dial up connection available? Two hours later everything was updated. Iím sure they fixed a lot of problems but they forgot to test the feature that exports data files from Access to Word. The list transfers but when I ask the Word mail merge program to sort the names, things get strange. It either looses the list completely or only sorts half the names leaving the other half in random order. Annoying!

At least we got some rain. 2.4 inches since yesterday bringing our season total to just over 20 inches. This may be the first summer in two years when I can comfortably water a garden.



December 23, 1966 - Friday

I went to confession today which puts me in a good mood. I hope I can go till Christmas without doing anything bad. Everybody's going out tonight leaving the house to me. Kirks coming over to keep me company.

I just read a book called "Bothers of the Sea". It was the story of a boy who had to skin dive for fish to keep his foster father in money. The book had a fairly typical plot. Boy meets girl, boy makes friend with a dolphin, boy has to kill dolphin to help pay the rent. Anyway, the boy ends up getting killed trying to save the dolphins life. The author made his story sound as if he had actually lived the life of the characters.

11:30 pm - Same Day

Tonight Bill, Pat, Kirk and I got together. First we drove around to some stores and then we spent some time at my house playing records. While we were sitting around, Bill came up with a brainstorm. We took all the pillows from my room and along with a bathrobe, built a girl. I  finished her off with a Halloween mask that resembles a persons head that has been dead for about a month. We took Matilda, as we called her, and went for a little trip around Coronado. It's funny how people will stare at a guy driving down the street with his arm around a big ugly monster. We drove up to the house of one of Bill's friends and had him come out to meet Bill's new girl friend. After about an hour driving around, we went over to Bills and got our pictures taken with Matilda. I hope this isn't the only date I have in high school.


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