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  March 2, 2003


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Sunday -  March 2, 2003


It's been a quiet weekend with perfect weather and a little time to catch up on chores.  The Town Hall newsletter is done and I actually found some time for myself. Humdrum, routine stuff like doing the laundry, vacuuming and paying bills.  I was also able to charge the battery in the jeep and move it into one of our barns for storage.  The jeep needs a new water pump but until I find the time and money to fix it, I'll be keeping it dry and out of harms way.

I spent 3 hours yesterday catching up on episodes of ER and The West Wing. Don't mean to sound like a commercial but the TIVO has drastically changed my TV watching habits.  I haven't had to watch commercials for a year and I'll never go back to the old way.

Today's Driveway

Out of boredom more than anything else, I've been letting my hair grow long. I'm not making a statement and it certainly has nothing to do with style. I guess I thought it might be interesting to see what a bearded, gray haired 53 year old would look like with long hair. On impulse, last summer I took the hair trimmers to my head and shaved everything off. This winter I've been going to the opposite extreme. A friend of mine says that when you drastically change your appearance, you are displaying neurotic behavior that reveals unhappiness and dissatisfaction with yourself.

I'm not sure about that but back in the 50's I do remember seeing old guys wearing pompadour haircuts and rolling cigarette packs up in the sleeves of their T-shirts. Even at my young age I realized their behavior was affected. They were trying to look young and I found them pathetic.

Whatever. I still say I'm doing it out of boredom.


Dec 4, 1966 - Sunday

I always disliked going to school but now that we've started basketball in gym, I dislike it even more. For some reason I can do good in every sport but, when it comes to basketball, I'm pitiful. I get out on the court and screw things up, drop the ball, and make myself look like a prize fool.

Its not been so bad in the past because there's usually someone else as bad as me but this year I seem to be all alone. Misery likes company but I'm afraid I'll have to suffer alone this year.

Christmas decorations have begun to spring up around town. All along Orange Avenue the trees are decorated with lights and in the center of town, the big Christmas tree is all lit up. The Del Coronado is full of all sorts of lights and decorations.

In spite of all these things it's terribly hard to get in the Christmas spirit. The temperature still gets up to 70 degrees occasionally. Besides that, I'm getting older and I don't look forward to Christmas as much as I used to. Our family seems to be splitting up and you can't have much fun all alone. Here I go feeling sorry for myself again.

We did put up a nativity scene which we made out of boxes and straw. In spite of all the bickering and arguing that goes into setting it up, it always turns out to be a very good decoration. Mother also has many dishes and ceramic figures that she has made especially for the Christmas holidays.

I've noticed that besides a Christmas tree, other people hardly bother at all with Christmas decorations , so I feel lucky that I have a family that appreciates the Christmas season.

My grandmother is coming this year for Christmas all the way from Philadelphia so we should have a pretty good time.

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