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  November 10, 2002


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Sunday, November 10, 2002

Glass Breaking

My world has returned to normal. Itís a clear sunny day, the peacocks are on the front porch watching me through the window and Clancy is following me around in the vain hope that Iíll do something interesting.

Youíd think I lived in a flooding third world country when listening to the local news describe the impact this 3 inches of rain had on our community. Itís been a slow news weekend so theyíre using the time to wring their hands about, El Nino, wrecks in the rain and a tree that fell over somewhere. Actually we got off easy this time. We lost our phone connection but thatís about all.

I was enjoying a glass of wine last night when I heard the unmistakable sound of glass breaking somewhere behind the house. Maybe it was the wine but I wasnít very concerned. By that I mean, I didnít go running for the shot gun. We live in a remote area so even if I did do the 911 thing, it would be an hour before anyone arrived. I gave a quick look out back but it was dark and raining so I just chalked it up to raccoons. I didnít give it another thought till a few minutes ago when I heard more glass break. Since it was no big deal to begin with, I canít really call it anticlimactic, but since Iím having a slow news day myself, Iíll tell you what it was. The barrel where we put our recyclable glass had filled up with water and the bottles were floating out and breaking on the ground. Iíll try to get the local media to come out and put it on the news  but till then, hereís a picture.

Horrified cat observes rain damage!
(Film at 11)

May 23, 1966 Ė Monday

I knew it was too good to be true. I finally found out yesterday after my parents had discussed it a week before that the side trip to Samoa is off for a year. Weíll still go to Hawaii on a freighter and maybe to Japan by freighter too but I was really looking forward to Samoa.

Another thing that has me worried is that Ray Whiteby has some friends over in Hawaii and of course theyíll be the nice type that will insist on us staying in their home. Then naturally theyíll feel responsible for us and theyíll try to show us a good time with parties and all sorts of entertainment. Not to be rude but I wanted to be entirely on my own and I wanted to make my own friends. Maybe it is a good idea to have contacts there. They might be able to show us more things than other people get to see.

Iíve made the mistake of building the trip up in my mind as a big luxurious vacation. Iíll probably find this isnít so, so Iíd better be prepared for disappointments.

Everything is going normal around the house. Mother has packed some boxes for storage and weíre fixing up the back rooms into an apartment. Itís still a bit too soon for things to really starts happening. Letís see, if we leave on June 28th that will make it almost one month. It wonít really seem near till schools out.

Kirk and Pat are planning on a going away party for me. I just hope it doesnít get too formal. I know my friends will miss me. I still remember when Pat almost moved away and how I felt, but this time Iím the lucky one. Iíll be going on the trip so I wonít have much time to feel home sick.

Whoopee! Only 25 days and schools out, not counting one holiday and weekends makes it only 18 days.


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