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  Nov. 17, 2002


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Sunday - November 17, 2002

(or, I love L.A.)

Sunday, November 17, 2002

It was a busy week and I finally got a minute to update this journal. I spent quite a bit of time working on the town hall newsletter and mailing list. The woman who has been doing it isnít comfortable with computers so when she sends files or attachments by e-mail, invariably they end up being the wrong ones. I finally gave up and created a new mailing list by manually typing the names into the computer myself. I donít suppose 236 members are that many but just the same; it took a couple of evenings. The newsletter is also not what you would call a complex piece of journalism however; Iíve had to start rebuilding it from scratch. Iíve done newsletters for my family but never anything that actually goes to a professional printer. I guess Iím a little nervous about that so Iím trying to get started early.

I ended my week by driving to Los Angelis for my mother-in-laws birthday. I know several people who are afraid to drive on freeways and they will drive miles out of their way so they can stay on the surface streets. I understand completely how they feel and I have to admit to getting a little bit tense when navigating crowded highways. For me, L.A. freeways have always been the ultimate test of driving survival. The traffic there is aggressive and unforgiving. Itís always crowded, even at three in the morning. Speeds can change from 80 to 0 within a quarter mile and you have to be on your toes and ready to react instantly.

This time I survived.

May 30, 1966 Ė Monday

Today is Memorial day and with no school I keep thinking itís Sunday.

The school year is almost over which can be good and bad. Iím failing Spanish and Iím not up to par in my other subjects. With so little time Iím not going to improve fast enough. There seems to be a bad side to everything.

This has been a pretty boring weekend but Iíve been learning a lot. Barryís been teaching me all the ways of smoking a pipe. Thereís more to it than sticking tobacco into a pipe and lighting it. Also Iíve been taking driving lessons. Iím not a bad driver but when the time to take my test comes along, Iíll be so nervous that I wonít be able to see straight.

Iíve seen three movies this week and ďThe Longest DayĒ was by far the best. It ga a real life view of D-day and war in general. It wasnít played up, there werenít any women running around the battlefield as in some movies and it showed that some of the good guys can get killed too.

Now-a-days people well do anything they can to keep from being put in the service but actually I wouldnít mind at all. If it wasnít for school and messing up college I think Iíd go out and enlist in the Marine Underwater Demolition team. If Iím planning on a career that has something to do with skin-diving this couldnít be better for experience.

Everybodyís screaming, ďWhy are we in Vietnam?Ē It seems obvious to me that if we donít stop the communistic movement over in Asia and Europe in a few years weíll be trying to stop it in Mexico and Canada.

[Note added to margin in 1974: ďDid I really
write this? UNBELIEVABLE!Ē]


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