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Saturday, November 09, 2002

High Tech

I was up till 1:00 A.M. fooling around with my weather station program and website. Since I live in a rural community, over the years Iíve set up a home weather station along with a website to display the data. The website doesnít get a lot of activity though it has some loyal local visitors and even some fans in other parts of the world. Because of this I try to keep the data as current and accurate as possible. For some reason the data stopped updating at around 2PM yesterday afternoon so I spent from 4 P.M. to 1 A.M. trying to fix things.

Because of the drought, wells in the area are drying up and trees are dying at an alarming rate. For us, this current storm is a big deal even if it only brought 2Ē of rain. Iím trying to calibrate my new equipment which means I have to take measurements in two ways. Iím using old fashioned equipment like thermometers and rain collectors and comparing them to my new ďsophisticatedĒ electronic sensors. No big surprise, the old way is more accurate which means making adjustments to the electronic sensors to bring them closer to reality. I spent hundreds of dollars on automated equipment and then I have to enter the data manually anyway. Dang!


We have a freezer in one of our outbuildings on the other side of our property. I was headed there to pick up some junk food when I came across this local group of wild turkeys strolling down the road. Iíve watched them grow up from chicks so they donít have to worry about ending up on our Thanksgiving table. Hey, thatís why we have supermarkets.


Peepers is doing much better and eating normally. Iím still keeping her inside till the weather clears. I didnít expect her to recover.

May 19, 1966 Thursday

The more I think about it the more Iím convinced that Iíll love Japan. Barry was telling me how stuck up the kids at Coronado High are and now I tend to agree with him. There seems to be a group of kids that just think theyíre too good for everybody else. If youíre not a surfer or a member of a thousand clubs and if you donít go out for sports, the kids ignore you.

Iím not complaining though. I have plenty of friends. Coronado is made up of three different kinds of people/ Iím a member of the ďGoodie Goodiesí. The friends that I go around with donít curse or swear (most of the time), donít go to dances. Donít go out for any sports events and are considered kooks. Iím a member of this group but Iím also different. Most of my friends canít go out for sports because they arenít coordinated or theyíre too fat or skinny. I have ability in sports and I could probably get a girl for a date but Iím too chicken.

The second group of kids are the socials. These kids do everything at school and some are quite nice but most are too snobbish.

The third group are the kids I call the rowdies. This group I think is the biggest. The kids run around and get drunk, get arrested and like to show off a lot. The girls they go around with are just as bad. Coronado has quite a few girls mysteriously dropping out of school for 10 months and then returning next year.

Anyway, I hope, as I have heard, that things are a bit better in Japan.

The main thing Iím looking forward to about Japan is the trip getting there. With my brother and I traveling across the pacific alone, it will be just like a novel or something. As it goes in the novel weíll have all sorts of adventures with girls all over the place and getting marooned on tropical islands. As it will probably go with us is weíll have a normal trip with nothing happening. Even that wonít be so bad though, weíll be alone and on our own and thatís what counts most.


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