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  September 21, 2004


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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

At The Knees

I’m taking a few days off from heavy work. I spent last week digging holes, wrestling 30’ power poles and fighting 4” galvanized steel pipes. My body hurts.

After digging a hundred feet of 20” deep trench by hand , my neighbor talked me into borrowing his half-ton gas powered trenching machine. I only had 25’ left to go but I gave into the temptation. After 23 years of fighting heavy equipment, I should have known better.

Trenchers do well in the spots that are easy to dig but in the hard spots, they break. They cut easily through water mains and electric conduit but bog down in rocky soil. By the time you’ve repaired all the damage, you could have dug the trench by hand. My experience with my neighbor’s trencher pretty much followed that formula. In two minutes I had trenched though my 1 & 1/2” water main that was supposed to be somewhere else. I managed the rest of the 25’ without breaking his high priced tool but it struggled in the hard spots. I’m still going to have to re-dig most of the trench by hand.

It was uncharacteristically cool this morning so I headed out early to get a few things done. I was trying to lift a 5’ length of burned creosote post into the dumpster when my shoulders told me to take a break. Time to do some reading.

Been reading quite a bit lately though I’m keeping it light. Most of my reading is done on my Palm Pilot and I download books from You don’t get the satisfaction of holding a book in your hand but that pleasure is outweighed by the convenience of downloading the book immediately. If you’re not highlighting sentences and going back to study passages, the Palm Pilot works fine. The script is easy to read and you can read at night with the lights out.

Like I said, I’ve been keeping it light and chalking up lots of Tom Clancy and Steven King stuff. My favorite author is Larry McMurtry. Oh, and my favorite color is … ah never mind.

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Ever have a friend cry on your shoulder about a bad relationship they’re having? They vilify their “significant other” so successfully that you come down on their side and you begin hating that other person too. You applaud them for there insight and congratulate them for cutting off the other person at the knees. Two weeks later you see that same couple walking hand-in-hand down the street laughing like nothing has happened. I hate it when that happens. It means I got sucked in and started to care. After that it’s hard to respect either one of them. I hate that!

Recently I discovered something called “Caller ID” and you can sign up with your local phone company. Guess I’m no Doctor Phil but it works for me.


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